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We provide services and support  our customers in the following areas Restructuring an change projects in R&D environments Digitalization strategies and Business Field Development Vacancy Bypass Crisis management Thanks to our extensive experience in definition and implementation of development processes for hardware, software, and mechanical products, our customers gain a substantial increase in development performance. They profit from our holistic approach including the areas “mindset”, “people”, “process”, and “tools”. Based on comprehensive economic knowledge accompanied by product management experience, we provide our customers a clear, well structured, fact based base for strategic decisions. If desired, we help with the implementation of derived work packages. Here, our customers profit from our very deep experience in project management and high communication skills. Knowledge in supplier management and design-to-cost methods round off our portfolio.


Home Automation/Smart Home  In the area of home automation and smart home we provide a rich portfolio of knowledge in networking technology, connectivity, and system design.  We support our clients in the growing field of connectivity and interactivity as well as in data fusion and information processing for upcoming applications.   We speak cloud applications and distributed databases as well. Machine Building  We do speak the language of a machine builder and we know about the challenges to cope with mechanics, electrics, and software in order to satisfy your customer’s needs. Many of our clients in this industry are facing, and sometimes struggeling with, an enormous paradigm shift towards digitalization  We support our clients with our in-depth knowledge on their ways to the next level of automatization, the Industry 4.0. Automotive Electronics  Automotive electronics is our home game. Regardless if the focus is on technological aspects like architecture of electronic control units (ECUs) and their network or on cost structures, supplier management, development processes, and automotive standards: our clients can count on our expertise.


Interim Management  Sometimes, change situations require to install a new or fill an open position very short term and timely limited. Using our partner network, we can provide you with very skilled and experienced leaders for those situations. Project and Program Management  Based on years of experience in planning and execution of product development and research projects we support our clients in planning and execution of their own projects as well as in analysis and optimization of their development processes.  We see the the people and the project team as the essential factor for success. Therefore we provide not only technical tools for project management but also in-depth experience in empowering and motivating project members. Our project managers are Certified Scrum Master® and PMI® member. Technology  Stephan Lietz Consulting  provides comprehensive project and standardization know-how in the following fields of technology:   •	    Hardware design (board and chip level) •	    Software design o	embedded o	Linux, Windows, other OS •	    System architecture •	    distributed and networked electronic systems •	    digital signal processing Cost Reduktion, Product Optimization  We support our clients in optimization of product costing along the product life cycle by analysis and reduction of structural costs as well as by product module and technology analysis. Thereby, our clients profit from the utilization of well proven practices and methods and safeguard the competitiveness.
We   see   enterprises   as   a   living   organisms.   Each   of   them   is   different   and   unique.   Therefore, solutions   must   be   different   and   unique   as   well.   They   cannot   be   taken   off   the   rack   and   being   foisted   to   the enterprise.   Together   with   our   clients,   we   develop   solutions   that   fit   to   the   company‘s   unique   conditions   and take account of the company‘s culture. Humans    are   the   smallest,   atomic   entity   of   this   organism. Only   humans   can   develop   an   enterprise   sustainably   and   make it   successful   on   the   market.   Humans   are   the   most   important element.   To   enable   their   optimal   performance,   they   must   be empowered   and   find   the   right,   fruitful   boundary   conditions   at work.     These     conditions     have     to     be     established     and maintained.   It   requires   a   lot   of   hard   work,   even   und   especially in   the   leadership   culture   of   the   management.   We   help   our clients    to    implement    a    culture    of    tranparency,    motivation, responsibility, and clear goals for high team performance. Processes   define   the   trails   and   guard   rails   towards   the   goals for   the   teams.   Processes   are   not   goals   in   itself,   they   have   to provide    directions    for    constantly    high    work    results    and    an uniform,    consistent    workflow.   The    processes    of    an    enterprise have    to        fit    its    culture    and    must    be    flexible    enough    for    the different,   ever   changing   challenges   of   daily   work.   At   the   same time,   they   have   to   guarantee   the   required   high   quality   of   the   work output.   Together   with   our   clients   we   evaluate   and   optimize   their processes,   providing   our   competency   in   development   processes according   to   the   V-Model,   SCRUM   and   the   broad   range   of   hybrid approaches. Tools    support   the   daily   work   of   the   teams   and   the   process compliance.   For   our   clients   we   evaluate   and   simplify   the   tool landscape   and   help   with   the   selection   of   new   tools.   We   support the    selection    and    implementation    of    complex    toolchains    for, e.g., the advancing digitalization and the Internet of Things.